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Year of Foundation

2.031.000 AED

Price from


Number of projects

$10 MLN

Company value


Abu Dhabi, Yas Island


Nine Yards stands as a vibrant new contender in Abu Dhabi’s prestigious real estate market, a venture born from the strategic partnership between Ethmar International Holding and Al Nahda International Holding. This nascent firm is on a mission to redefine luxury living within the emirate, focusing on the development of opulent residential complexes in Abu Dhabi’s most desirable locales. With an innovative approach and a fresh perspective, Nine Yards aims to craft living spaces that combine modern aesthetics with unparalleled comfort, setting new benchmarks for luxury real estate in the region.

At the onset of its ambitious path, Nine Yards has proudly announced “Sea La Vie,” a prestigious residential venture poised to grace the shores of Yas Island, the heart of Abu Dhabi’s entertainment and leisure district. Yas Island is renowned not merely as a location but as a lifestyle, offering tranquility, luxury, and unparalleled living standards for those who seek an exclusive way of life.

Embodied within the core principles of Nine Yards are innovation, state-of-the-art technology, unwavering professionalism, and a commitment to honesty. The company’s dedication to leaving an indelible mark on the UAE’s real estate landscape shines through their promise of delivering homes that are not just luxurious but also emblematic of trust and excellence. This ethos elevates Nine Yards to a premier position in the market, appealing to discerning clients in search of exceptional real estate opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

Discover a realm of unparalleled satisfaction with Nine Yards, where each project, especially SEA LA VIE, is a testament to the ideal of a dream home. This flagship development harmonizes sophisticated architecture, cutting-edge amenities, and competitive pricing to create a living experience that is both opulent and accessible.

SEA LA VIE – A Symphony of Sophistication on Yas Island

SEA LA VIE by Nine Yards is a tribute to elegance and comfort, offering an exquisite lifestyle choice on Yas Island for an inviting price of 2,031,000 AED. This development epitomizes the blend of contemporary design flair, technological innovation, and value, setting the stage for a lifestyle steeped in luxury and scenic beauty.

As an investment, SEA LA VIE represents a savvy decision. The strategic development of surrounding infrastructure is poised to enhance living standards and bolster the area’s appeal, making it a magnet for both residents and investors seeking solid growth prospects.

SEA LA VIE transcends the concept of mere housing to become a cornerstone of prosperous living in an evolving community where the future is bright for living standards and investment potential alike.