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MAG 22

MAG 22 MBR City, Dubai

MAG 22 is a new residential complex from the developer of the same name, MAG Property Development. Located in the central part of the Meydan community, which is located in MBR City, the complex offers future residents a wide variety of amenities and entertainment. MAG 22 is a collection of exclusive 2-3 bedroom townhouses that provide a premium lifestyle. MAG 22 townhouses are distinguished by original architectural solutions. They were built to the best standards of suburban development according to the best canons of the Mediterranean style. Each residence is equipped with a spacious balcony that provides the best panoramic views. At the same time, the exterior of each townhouse is distinguished by confidential features: the dividing parts of the structure allow each resident to enjoy a private environment. MAG 22's target audience is primarily individuals and families seeking luxurious and upscale living in Dubai. The community is designed for those who value high standards of quality, exceptional design and a unique lifestyle. The complex offers a range of high quality amenities for residents. These include a large swimming pool, leisure areas, a modern health club, shops, restaurants, children's play areas, barbecue areas, sports facilities and public parks.


Name MAG 22
Developer MAG
Build in 2024
Floors number 2