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Year of Foundation

3.229.548 AED

Price from


Number of projects

$10 MLN

Company value


Dubai Marina, Dubai


Dubai Marina, Dubai


Before marking their territory in the bustling real estate landscape of Dubai, LIV Developers had already established a formidable presence in the global real estate arena with notable projects in iconic cities like New York and Los Angeles. Their foray into Dubai was underpinned by a rich legacy of luxury and excellence, bringing forth a signature approach that emphasizes the creation of opulent residential and commercial spaces. From the outset, LIV Developers have been synonymous with unparalleled quality, setting the bar high for architectural and design standards in every project they undertake.

From the outset, Liv Developers has aligned itself with esteemed architectural firms and design studios, meticulously focusing on the minutiae to achieve unparalleled excellence in their property developments. Since the early 1990s, the founders have been instrumental in the UAE’s economic diversification, making substantial investments across multiple sectors.

Entering the Dubai real estate market in 2000, Liv Developers began its journey as an investor, contributing to seminal projects in illustrious locales such as Emirates Hills, Business Bay, Pearl Jumeirah, and Jebel Ali. This period of active participation laid the groundwork for their expertise and reputation in the industry.

By 2015, Liv Developers had garnered sufficient experience to launch its inaugural independent venture, which quickly became a testament to their success, with 75% of the units sold in under a year. The swift sale of their subsequent project further underscored the market’s confidence in their vision for distinctive living environments, marked by innovative design and luxurious aesthetics.

Presenting LIV LUX and LIV MARINA: Distinctive Residences for Discerning Individuals

LIV LUX: A Dream Residence Unveiled

LIV LUX stands as a beacon of sophistication and modern living, nestled in Dubai’s vibrant landscape. This residential haven is not just a home but a lifestyle, offered from 4,039,548 AED.

LIV LUX transcends traditional living spaces, offering a gateway to endless possibilities. Its blend of sleek architectural designs with the latest in home technology crafts an environment of elegance and comfort. The spacious apartments, boasting panoramic city views, serve as a tranquil retreat amidst the urban dynamism.

As an investment, LIV LUX represents a smart choice. Its strategic location in a burgeoning area ensures the appreciation of property values, while its proximity to essential amenities enhances its rental appeal.

Moreover, LIV LUX caters perfectly to those seeking a blend of residential and commercial utility. The area’s thriving business ecosystem, coupled with top-tier infrastructure, positions it as an ideal locale for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

LIV MARINA: Seaside Sophistication Defined

LIV MARINA captures the essence of coastal luxury, offering an exclusive lifestyle from 3,229,548 AED. Inspired by the tranquility of the sea, this development promises a serene living experience.

Dive into a world of calm and elegance at LIV MARINA, where apartments offer breathtaking sea views, meticulously designed to ensure a peaceful living environment. The thoughtful attention to detail ensures each day is imbued with tranquility and luxury, right in the city’s heart.

The investment potential of LIV MARINA is evident. Its coveted location guarantees robust growth in property values, appealing to investors looking for long-term gains. The development’s proximity to the waterfront enhances its attractiveness to a broad tenant base.

LIV MARINA is an embodiment of luxury living, surrounded by stellar infrastructure that promises a high-quality lifestyle. Its luxurious apartments are a sanctuary of peace, offering a daily escape to seaside bliss.

With Liv Developers, invest in a lifestyle that mirrors your aspirations and ambitions, where each property is a unique opportunity to embrace a life of distinction and elegance in Dubai.