LAGOONS: MOROCCO BY DAMAC - buy apartments in united arabian emirates



"Aimed at the future, the DAMAC Lagoons residential complex is a space where impressive scope and sophistication meet. Spread over 4.18 square kilometers, it epitomizes luxury and comfort in equal measure. Divided into a series of clusters, decorated in the style of the Mediterranean Sea, the complex is striking in its uniqueness. The splendor of DAMAC Lagoons is revealed in the interweaving of the water space and residential areas. On its territory will be built artificial lagoons, as oases of tranquility and relaxation. The main clusters of the complex have their own focus, expressed in the theme of the amenities placed in their territory. Here everyone will find something that suits their personal preferences and lifestyle. DEARING is a cluster designed for fans of outdoor activities and sports. CORELLA - welcomes those who value space and solitude. BOLTON - an ideal place for families with children, thanks to the proximity to playgrounds and parks. Inside the residential complex DAMAC Lagoons expected 471 residences, each with its own unique features and characteristics. So, 428 townhouses with 4-5 bedrooms will be the perfect place for family living, combining functionality and elegance. In addition, there will be 43 exclusive 6-7 bedroom villas, where luxury and spaciousness are combined in every detail. The whole complex will take on the spirit of Morocco, using in the finishing Zellij mosaic tiles and carved wood. They are carefully chosen to embody the Moroccan tradition and convey the atmosphere of oriental splendor. The residential design will combine traditional elements with modern solutions to create impressive interiors. DAMAC Lagoons is the place where life is taken to a new level of luxury and comfort."


Developer Damac
Build in 2026
Floors number 3